Lystra Cemetery photos

Spooky spooky ancient cemetery. Home of vandals, a burned out church, and alleged hauntings. More photos at my flickr pages.


8 thoughts on “Lystra Cemetery photos

  1. This is one of my favorite places to visit – anytime of the day. One of my favorite tombstones is in this cemetery. Never had any ghostly encounters at all. Hope you were able to take time and enjoy Saturday night’s sunset – it was stunning from the door of MaggieGrace world. have a great day.

  2. That’s funny. I was taking some pics recently at a cemetery here in Augusta. Got a neat shot of the capital in the background with some headstones in the foreground.Chuck

  3. I stumbled across your blog “The Quiet Life” and thoroughly enjoyed it! I was actually searching for history of Old Lystra. However, I ended up in awe of your photography, eclectic mix of posts, political comments, and writings about small town life!A lead guitarist from an Athens band, who lives in the small town of Ila, once “drug” me out to Lystra late one night/early one morning on a “ghost hunt.” I was wondering if you had any daytime experiences?Love the blog! –Ty

  4. Hello Ty,You are very sweet and nice to read this blog and to compliment it so highly. Thank you!I went to Lystra in the daytime high noon, and also at 7 pm just a the un was going down behind the trees but well before nautical twilight. The high noon visit was peaceful, with a lot of birdsong. I have never heard so many birds except once in the Amazon.Though there were peripheral items that were slightly disquieting. The many many NO TRESPASSING signs at the edge of the forest. One to two would do, but 5?The outhouse. Like, why?The disconnected electric wire.And this one, shudder: a sarcaphagous like tomb, marble all broken off on most of the top except a few cracked edges. Filled with red dirt, except for a hole in the middle! It reminded me of the Alien coming out of the stomach, it truly looked like something had burst out of the tomb.Logical explanations exist for all of these I am sure but the atmosphere of the place combined with its history got me.The evening visit was the same, except hardly any birdsong then.One link in one of these Lystra posts is to Frank Gillespie’s detailed history of the place, it is very good. The Madison County Journal has news stories, recent ones, about the vandalsim, and the taking down of the church if you want to call them and ask for dates to those issues.Locals tell me they used to play ‘dare you’ an the most popular dare by far was to walk the Lystra cemetery road at night!It’s nice here in Comer. When I first moved here I thought I’d be in Athens all the time, but I hardly ever leave the county now, it’s so pretty and suits all my needs. I’m a country gal now I guess!Happy trails, and stop by again,Elizabeth

  5. This is getting creepy…we have so much in common. I volunteer for I love it. I love the old cemeteries and grave markers. Have you ever seen

  6. no but that sounds like a great website!I grew up next to a cemetery, part of it was historic, with graves dating back to the 1600s. I loved it. It was a very quiet and private place for a shy little girl to hide and read her Nancy Drew books.Thanks for the website, I’m off to explore it now

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