View from here

I am so blessed to live in northeast Georgia. I awaken each day to a raucous chorus of birdsong, off-distant rooster, occasional hum of a hay tractor. As I traverse my normal route to the county seat and thriving town of Danielsville for groceries, here are a few of the scenes that I pass by.

New road cut behind the High School winds over a hill and through grassy fields on both sides. Where it ends and I must take a left or a right, this is the view in front of me.

Horses! Fields! Farms!

My driveway with the ever-popular photo of fences. It’s deep in and curves so that I am far back from the road, a local road which only ever hosts tractor traffic and the occasional car anyway…

I see the devastation in Myanmar and China and in other places in Central US with tornadoes and I count my blessings. I have traveled to the Bronx, to Quito Ecuador, to Mexican border towns, and I count my blessings. I see the snow totals in Maine and the heat wave in California, and I count my blessings. I don’t do that enough, so today I take a look around and I say thank you, God, for such a beautiful world and for putting me smack in the middle of the gorgeous beauty that is Comer Georgia.


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