"hang on, something unusual is happening"

Colombian volcano starts to erupt

Malaysia Sun, 15th April, 2008

“In Colombia, the Nevado del Huila volcano has begun to erupt after many years of lying dormant. Thousands of people have been evacuated from the area after smoke and ash began to erupt from cone of the volcano.” Eruptions last year at the Nevado del Huila were its first on record since the mid-16th century.”

Chile volcano blasts ash 20 miles high, forcing evacuations

May 6, 2008
Santiago, Chile (AP) — The long-dormant Chaiten volcano blasted ash some 20 miles (30 kilometers) into the Andean sky on Tuesday, forcing thousands to evacuate and fouling a huge stretch of the South American continent.

Chaiten began erupting on May 2 for the first time in thousands of years. Smoke and ash billow from the Chaiten volcano in southern Chile, which erupted on May 2, 2008, after lying dormant since circa 7,400 B.C. While scenes of molten lava are relatively commonplace, this otherworldly picture of the Chaiten Volcano in southern Chile shows a truly spectacular, and devastating, volcanic phenomenon.

Mt Ruapehu warning

New Zealand Herald, May 03, 2008

Mt Ruapehu is showing signs it could erupt without warning, prompting a warning to climbers of the volcano’s heightened risk. Readings from the lake have shown a heightened magma input, and readings from the air above the lake showed an increase in released volcanic gas. Scientists are alarmed by an increased risk of eruptions on Mt Ruapehu. Department of Conservation scientist Dr Harry Keys told the Weekend Herald yesterday several months of volcanic information had lead scientists to say “hang on, something unusual is happening”. Photo: Gerald Smith


Etna volcano rumbles back to life in Sicily

Wednesday May 14, 2008
ROME (AFP) – The Etna volcano in Sicily rumbled back to life on Tuesday with “seismic events” measuring up to 3.9 on the Richter scale, a vulcanologist said three days after minor eruptions shook the cone.

Indonesian volcano starts spitting red-hot rocks

JAKARTA, April 24 (RIA Novosti) – Mount Anak Krakatau, a volcanic island in the Sunda Strait, has started hurling flaming rocks from its southern crater, Indonesian Antara news agency said on Thursday.

Krakatoa exploded in August 1883 in one of the world’s greatest recorded eruptions. The sound of the blast was heard as far as Australia, about 3,500 kilometres away. The volcano generated a 36-metre tidal wave that crashed onto nearby islands and killed an estimated 36,000 people.

Big Island’s volcano is belching gas again

Sunday, May 11, 2008; The goddess who lives in the Big Island [Hawaii] volcano of Kilauea, according to Hawaiian legend, has seen an increase in activity in her home lately. A plume of ash continues to billow from the Halema’uma’u vent, after bursting forth on March 11; eight days later, Kilauea’s summit saw its first explosive eruption since 1924.


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