Don’t worry, bee happy

Sitting on my deck reading “The Case for Christ” on this glorious spring day, a resident bee thought that the deck was his territory. He tried his best to scare me off, hovering over my head, circling around from one side to the other, buzzing loudly and angrily dive bombing. Al the activity definitely did not scare me away, it just made me want to take photos.

I just threw in this pic below because I like the chair, I like the plant pot (real terra cotta) and I like the plant. All were free. I like that best of all.


5 thoughts on “Don’t worry, bee happy

  1. Great bee pics. What are your thoughts on that book? I read it when a friend got it for me a few Christmases ago. I took a lot o’ notes.

  2. I like it. It isn’t scholarly but it makes some good points in laymen’s easy to read terms. I did not know about the plethora of validating papers from the same time period as the New Testament Gospels, for example. I am already a believer but I wanted to see how the common questions about the proofs and validity of the Gospels were addressed so I could relate them to an unbeliever if called upon.

  3. thanks! I never did that bee-fore!Photographing 6 year olds running around on the playground at sports events prepared me for sudden movements that might bee-gin without warning.

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