We had some pretty serious storms come through. A tornado watch was out for a while but no tornadoes in our area touched down. We did have thunder, sheets of rain, and numerous lightning strikes. I can’t say I’m a fan of waiting for the funnel to appear. At least a hurricane you can see coming for a few days. The storms are all over now. Phew.

Here are close up shots of my deck after the rain. Below, closeup of a tiny windchime hanging from the rail. I had seen some pics of raindrop close ups and was trying to duplicate before the sun went down. I did not make it. but do check out the stunning raindrops at Harold’s blog

railing, wood knot.


4 thoughts on “Phew

  1. I don’t remember! I was just googling ‘photography tutorials’ I think. I like how he explains things, not only how he does it but what he was going after or what he was thinking. If you look at January’s archives you will see the most beautiful photography.Sometimes I avoid looking at my betters’ work (photography and collage) because I am SUCH an amateur that I feel defeated. But other times I get inspired at the beauty and grateful some other more talented people can capture it.

  2. Glad the Storm didn’t ruin your ‘Quiet Life’, Elizabeth! Tornados are scary, destructive, and deadly. I guess living in Maine might not be so bad after all. We have had a brutal Winter; and it doesn’t seem to want to let go. The old Snowbanks are so high it will be mid-July before they disappear!!! Take Care.

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