Fences I have known

A walk down my driveway at dusk one fine winter day. I live on a horse farm. There are a lot of fences to keep animals in, keep animals out. We have horses and next door there are goats, and pasture after that, cows. There is a black cat who makes his way along all the fences at dusk every day. This day, I had parked my SUV at the horse gate and the cat used my vehicle as part of his happy trail, leaping atop the roof as he crossed the expanse from one fence to another.

Metal roof next door.

Cat on a metal roof.


2 thoughts on “Fences I have known

  1. We call him Tom and he visits us regularly. Before the water dropped in the pond across the street, he would fish off the dock and bring us entire fresh live catfish to the driveway. Have a wonderful day.

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