I’m glad it’s over

Christmas is wonderful, but it’s pretty intense. And I don’t even have kids! The rounds of visiting, the pressure to make sure I see so and so in time to give her gift, getting the cards out, grocery shopping on Christmas Eve morning, & etc., all very busy. I guess I’ll take down my few decorations today, and get back to normal routine. School here is on vacation from December 21 to January 6, over two weeks long. This makes a nice break for the teachers, para-pros, and principals, of whom we have many in our church. So the visiting continues for a good while.

I received a Christmas gift card to Target, and boy, do I have fun picking out the items I need-online. How convenient to be able to shop from the comfort of home, punch in the gift card number, and have the stuff shipped to me! I bought a blender, which I have needed for a while, a set of 10 frames so I can then frame my watercolors and hang them in cunning and sweet groupings as illustrated on the HGTV design shows, and a neck massager. With heat. Now all I have to do is wait for Mr. UPS Brown.

I’m glad it’s over though. It’s Christmas every day in my heart and in my life, but I am glad to put away the trappings and have the nationwide frenzy die down. Today it’s a cool and overcast day. I’m still coughing and feel kinda tired. There’s a card party tonight I was invited to, but I think I will slow down from the rounds of socializing and stay home, and work on a collage and finishing CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters.

Meanwhile, take a look at these cutie goofies:

Bert, all googly and cute

Luke, all movement and athletics

Abby, AKA Crabby Abby


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