The extent of my Christmas decorating

I only have two rooms here. And two little, curious kitties. So I can’t do a big-time decorating bonanza, but here is what I did decide to do: The bough is like the bridge from earth to heaven. The lights are heavenly stars. The ball of light is the Star of Bethlehem. The angel represents the heavenly host, who sang hosannas in the highest when the babe was born. The nativity set is white for the purity of Jesus. I purposely bought a small Nativity because it is amazing such a small baby born in such rustic circumstances changed the world forever. It is on a mat of red for the blood He shed for us.

Ta-da! Introducing the 2007 Prata Christmas !


4 thoughts on “The extent of my Christmas decorating

  1. Merry Christmas – I don’t put up my tree until after the program at church – I cannot seem to focus on the holiday until then anyway. Love the nativity and the story behind it. Lovely.

  2. “Merry Christmas”, Elizabeth!The extent of your Christmas Decorating really doesn’t matter…what matters is that You Love Jesus enough to Celebrate His Birth! Enjoy this Holiday Season, Elizabeth! Miss You.Pat

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