Good morning!

A few random things. I had a wildfire-like racing stomach-flu yesterday. Chills, shakes, spiking temp to 101.5. Thankfully it’s subsiding now.

I am having really good luck with Christmas shopping on ebay. So far I’ve gotten a vintage 1960 bomber with pilot plane for .99, an alabaster carved nativity set from Peru for $6, and hard to find glow in the dark stars for $6. I usually avoid stores like the plague and especially at Christmas. Shudder. Shopping online through Amazon and ebay does the trick admirably for me.

Later today I’ll be at Comer Elementary School helping out at the Good News Club, and tonight at church teaching the kids. A day with kids is always great and wonderful.

The weather’s turned a bit colder, but thank God we had about an inch of rain. Driving by you look around and see the cow ponds all dried up like African Plains mudholes where the gazelles vainly try to drink from. Scary. The inch will not remedy the drought but it may help people whose wells are very low make it another month or so.

I’m letting my color grow out. My hair is 100% gray, a nice, silvery gray. I may scoot into town later and have my haircresser cut another inch or so off. It’s growing out nicely. I was afraid I’d have that old skunk line atop my head, but the gray is melding through all over and the brown is just lightening up uniformly. I don’t know why I’m doing this, after coloring it for over ten years. Maybe I’m tired of the chemicals. Or maybe I just want my real hair back. We’ll see.

The HS Art Dep’t joined the Annual Artisan’s Show recently. I think that is a super idea. I bought a high school student’s work, a painting I like very much. She was so thrilled to make a sale. And the proceeds from that table’s sales go back to the Art department. How wonderful. Everybody wins. Above, Hannah Shelton, grade 12, “Seaside”

Take it easy and remember to be nice to someone today. Random kindness works.


4 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. I think Gray Hair would be very becoming on you, Elizabeth! It will make you look more Angelic; and more at peace with who you are! I personally feel that accepting the natural process of ‘graying’ represents a very strong individual who is comfortable in their own skin!

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