Abby goes to the dentist

My older cat, Abby, is staying overnight at the vet clinic. I brought her in for her annual checkup, for which they have to sedate her. Apparently, passing through the kitty crate acts like a Superman telephone booth and she turns into Super Devil She-Cat. Abby does not like the vet. She does not like her here. She does not like her there. She does not like her with a mouse. She would really like to tear her blouse. For the vet to examine her and remain in one piece, Abby must be knocked out.

Her teeth had a lot of plaque and the vet scraped them, and due to the slight bleeding, and the lateness of the day, she had to stay over.

Have you ever heard a 747 at idle? That’s Abby’s growl as I handed her crate to the vet. Stay overnight? Fine by me. It’s gonna be hell when she wakes up.


2 thoughts on “Abby goes to the dentist

  1. Dr Leslie is a really great vet. I do wish your Abby would give her a chance. Thanks for still reading my stuff everyday. Glad you guys had a great trip. Mr Tal is out there right now fighting a losing battle with the leaves. He worked all day yesterday and by dusk you could not even tell. Have a great day.

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