Pics from Praise Fest

My buddies Hilda, Sara, and Wilma at PraiseFest Sevierville, TN. These ladies are true steel magnolias. Strong, gentle, loving, and fun!! And boy, do they love the Lord.

The big finale. All the gospel groups (not all singers captured in this pic) came onstage and sang with true joy. They brought down the house. And when they sang “Till the Storm Passes By” and right in the middle there was one huge thunderclap, everyone jumped to their feet, whooped with delight and applauding. The guy from Greater Vision said, “Yes! That’s right, only the Lord could do that!” It was a showstopper all right.

I never thought I’d see this again, snow and ice! It dropped from 49 degrees to 27 degrees as we ascended the Smoky Mountains on the Great Smoky Mt. Parkway. The ladies, who rarely see snow, got excited as kids. All I was thinking about was black ice. But we made it OK and soon we were back in the land of 70 degree weather.


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