Children are the heartbeat of God

I volunteer at a Bible study club conducted after school in a local elementary school. There are about 45 kids in it, from K to 5th grade. Yesterday was the sweetest day, everything ran smoothly and there was real connection and there was laughter. I love those little souls!


5 thoughts on “Children are the heartbeat of God

  1. I get so much back from my efforts working with children and youth. My youth choir kids painted on the backdrop of the Christmas Program on SUnday night – 10 kids + paint should equal chaos, but they all were wonderful and worked together beautifully. Have a great day – Teresa

  2. Hi Christie, thanks! I wish I could take credit for the photo though, it’s from The tags mention stock photos. I have some nice pics of kids but reverted to stock ones to avoid having to call and get permission to use them.

  3. Teresa, thanks so much for reading. These kids are so cute! The other night a small child led us in prayer, and he was so sweetly thinking of other people, even though he was little he had a heart for others first. He inspired me, as kids often do!

  4. Jesus Loves the Little Children…all the Children of the World! They are precious in His sight. There is nothing more rewarding than working with children!

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