Separated at birth?

Movie and book character Hannibal Lecter

My CPAP mask, for sleep apnea


6 thoughts on “Separated at birth?

  1. too funny! What’s the part around your forehead for? Is that like pure oxygen? Remember when Rhonda was catering the concert and that guy (what’s Jennifer Lopez’s husband’s name – anyway him) needed pure oxygen to breathe and brand new towels to cover the floor? The oxygen reminded me of that. LOL

  2. It has two blocks under it, one on either side. It’s to counterbalance the weight of the mask at the bridge of the nose. Without the forehead part there would be too much pressure at the bridge of the nose. And also the straps extend from either side of the forehead to wrap around the head. It keeps the mask on as well as providing balance.Jennifer Lopez’s husband: a loaded question! In 2005 he was Marc Anthiony. Today it’s Ben Affleck.

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