"Hauntings" Reception at Blue Bell Gallery

A spooky old time! Even the Grim Reaper showed up!



5 thoughts on “"Hauntings" Reception at Blue Bell Gallery

  1. I slipped in and out. There were so many people there. Loved your works especially the framed collages. I will try to go back again when its not so crowded and look again. Glad you guys had a good time at the slumber party. Have a wonderful day.

  2. that opening looks like a lot of fun, and good snacks… Art and snacks go together! Congrats on the opening.What do you have for WIPs?

  3. Hmmm, WIPs, I”ll post some in a short while. I read my Altered Images workbook last night and got some good ideas. But I am also working on selecting an image for Christmas cards, framing some of my photography to hang in the apartment (and have ready for a show if one comes up) and I need gesso for work on a baby board book-altered book so that’s a trip to Athens. But I have a collage or two in progress that I like very much now but I know I will hate as soon as I try out these new techniques on the next one I start…:)

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