random moments so far today

I love this word I’ve just learned: quagma. Matter in its fifth state is known as quagma or quark-gluon plasma – no ions, protons or neutrons yet. (The five phases of matter are solid, liquid, gas, plasma and quagma).

My nephew wanted to know why you have to bow down when you say your prayers. The answer he got was: because God is Great, and makes the world wonderful for us etc etc and then he said, “could he make my waffles?”

I am bringing fruit salad to the lake today, where I’ve been invited to a BBQ. So I drove to the local farm stand early this morning to buy a basket of local peaches. The peaches were charmingly arranged in an oval basket in a pyramid. They were soft and had dew on them.

More kitty cuteness: relaxing against my leg after a hard day playing with string


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