Hauntings: Dark works by Georgia artists

A well-known local gallery is hosting a new exhibition, “Hauntings: Dark works by local Georgia artists.” My work was accepted into the show and I’m excited!

Located in downtown Comer, Blue Bell Art Gallery & Pottery Studio is a beautiful building exhibiting over 30 local artists. It was built in 1900 and was originally home to the Chattanooga Wagon Factory and in time, became the Blue Bell Sewing factory. The downstairs has 16-foot ceilings and the upstairs are about 14-feet high, with brick walls at least a foot thick. The proprietors are Tina and her husband Shannon McCullough, with Tina herself an accomplished potter.

A variety of photos, collage and an altered book is going in the show. You can see the show pieces here, in my Flickr set, keeping in mind that photos of the textured pieces have lost something in the translation to web. There others at my local artist site hosted by Artists in Georgia.


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