Morning in Madison County

A high summer Georgia dawn. Sitting on my deck with coffee, reading, the sun peeks over the hill across the street. Morning fresh air will quickly evaporate as the temperatures are forecast to reach into the triple digits again. For now, the day knows nothing of that.

I enjoy the hummingbirds swooping to my feeder, the cows lowing in the neighboring pasture, and the distant sound of school buses and tractors trundling to and fro on the few roads within my hearing.

Shortly I will scramble a couple of freshly laid eggs along with a garden tomato, but for now, the air is so cool and the birds are so joyous I stay planted here, part of the awakening day.

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  1. Have you heard that {3} members of Gray Town Council decided to accept the SAD 15 Lease Agreement? {Between Pennell and our Library} They were Alison, Debbie, and Marjorie? They also deleted its last sentence allowing the Public to be involved at this point? Debbie Mancini stated that the Council had the Authority, but would certainly allow Public Input when they decided what would be done with Pennell? At this point, we no longer own our Beautiful Library, {we’ll lease it for one dollar a year}, we have a dilapitated old Pennell, and will be responsible for Heating it this Winter? {With funds that are not available}?? Think there is much more than meets the eye here…especially since Don Hutchins says it’s the Sweetest Deal in the whole world?? Will be anxious to see what transpires? Really can’t believe the Taxpayers will be willing to enter into another Millions Plus Bond Issue? {Think the ‘Sweet Deal’ fully benefited SAD} Also, the amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to make an Area 8 Commercial District up on Rte. 26 barely passed the Referendum Vote! But it did…so once the logistics are worked out, Hannaford will be constructed near the bypass. {Along with other businesses, I’m sure} Lots of changes here in Gray; and we truly miss your presence, Elizabeth. Neither paper covers any ‘in depth reporting’ for these issues? You were always sooo thorough and kept the citizens fully aware of what was happening. We miss that.

  2. Hi there,Yes, I had heard that. I was surprised that Councilor Mancini et al decided that they have had enough public participation. Up to this point she and they have been so staunch on putting to a vote dispatch, the Comp Plan change, the recall, the GPLA/Library non-binding referendum, etc. that I would have thought that she would remain consistent in putting the acceptance of Pennell to a vote too. Her stance was that for issues “this big” the voters need to decide. For how can you have a true barometer of public sentiment when only three councilors are voting on huge issues like this? she would repeatedly assert.I guess she changed her mind on whether three councilors can properly determine the disposal of an issue, didn’t she 😉 Oh, well, it is her right to be inconsistent. Thank you for the compliment! I enjoyed putting the in-depth news out there for y’all. It was hard sometimes, but it’s so important.

  3. Aren’t freshly laid eggs the best? I started buying them from the farm where we get our vegetables (we have a half share). I can’t believe how much better they taste then regular old eggs you can get at the store. Someday I think I’d love to have chickens for that very reason.

  4. The egg-seller told em that store eggs have already been around for 45 days before they get there. Ick. I am thinking about buying a share of a cow- the only legal way to get fresh milk. I hadn’t heard of egg-shares. Glad you’re enjoying them!

  5. At the last Gray Council Meeting poor Louise Knapp was desperately attempting some direction from the Council regarding the Historical Society. After Councilor Upham persuaded them to support the ‘Lease Agreement with SAD’, with the implication that the Historical Society would remain at Pennell, HE blatantly stated that Louise needed to call the SAD with her concerns; and that there was absolutely NO money to assist them?The Town was ‘tapped out’ and the Deadline for her Society to be out of Pennell was still August 31st?Who is fooling who here? The Pennell Lab needs lots of repairs before that would be a possibility; and any other options have not been disclosed. It will be interesting to see how this whole scenario plays out. WHO can one count on in this Town anyway??

  6. I dont’ know why the HS was trying to get direction from the council…they are an independently operated entity. They should be self-suficient, but instead have basked for decades in the warmth of a free rent and town handouts…without having made provisions for this day. Never mind knowing that their tenancy at Pennell was up in the air for five years. Have they prepared? No. They simply expect more handouts.All other Historical Societies that I know of have earned their way, just like the rest of us.This is not to say they aren’t doing great work, they ARE, but as a club or society or organization, they should have been working toward fundraising LONG before this. As a taxpayer I support the portions of government I have to, but as for independent organizations, I would like to choose for myself which ones to support. I don’t want the town to do it for me. If the HS DOES end up having an association or partnership with the town, I want to see some accountability, some commitment, and some ideas generated that demonstrate they are doing their diligence and working hard toward earning their fair share.

  7. Here’s a bit more on that topic:“A Historical Society Raises Money on Its Record of Accomplishment” “Successful fund raising requires more than matching a worthwhile project with a source of money. Any funding source, whether an individual donor, charitable foundation, private business or government agency, must believe that a historical society can succeed in the endeavor for which it seeks support. A society’s existing record of accomplishment is a primary factor in demonstrating that it can successfully provide services or complete a project. Fund raising efforts must always succinctly communicate that the historical society has a record of competence and worthwhile accomplishments.”full article here: In other words, you don’t just hand them a million dollar building and taxpayer money ‘just because.’

  8. YOU are absolutely Right, Elizabeth! It appears that the HS was grossly mis-lead by Council; however, Louise thought the HS was ‘Special’ enough to keep their current home? Frankly, as a taxpayer, I DON’T want Pennell and it’s high time all the ‘free-loaders’ realized their days are over! Gray News found out…eventually! There is sooo much waste of tax dollars in Gray…it needs to STOP!

  9. As an authoritative body with their ear to the ground and knowledge of many opportunities such as grant funding etc, the council can guide the Historical Society, but to hand them the keys and a free rent without the HS having done their diligence and showing they can produce would be unfair to all the other town organizations who hustle. Look at the Football team, for one. Or the hockey team. They are independent, non-profits, as well. No one group should have favoritism over another

  10. It appears you have a ‘direct connection’ with all the activities and “goings-on” from the Town of Gray! Are They seeking your advice as well???

  11. In this blog entry I am writing of the morning beauty of my surroundings, and you are wondering if I am dispensing advice to Andy Upham?It might be a good idea for you to move on with things…please.

  12. I’m sure you must be aware that “The Monument” is No More? It appears that all the ‘little papers’ have merged under the name of Lakes Region Weekly! In my opinion, it is an Excellent Paper and is extremely well done; however, It doesn’t have Elizabeth Prata’s Feisty Journalism…which is greatly missed!

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