Where do the buffalo roam?

In Comer, Georgia. This ranch has a herd of cows, a herd of goats, and, unbelievably, a herd of buffalo. They are rotated around, so I never know which herd I get to look at as I drive by on my way to the grocery store in Hull. The (large) grocery store is about 15-20 minutes away.

Most folks around here say they want to drive to where the stores are rather than ruin the rural character by having the convenience of the stores nearby. Each of the six towns in Madison County have their version of the Dollar Store and a small grocery store, and a few restaurants and gas stations. Enough is close by so you can scoot to the corner and get milk when you run out.

I admit, I don’t mind driving the 15-20 minutes to the big grocery store once a week, because I’d rather see buffalo than neon.


5 thoughts on “Where do the buffalo roam?

  1. As long as he doesn’t dance with any wolves! That Tatanka ranch is in Deadwood SD. I’m not likely to visit it in the near future, that’s for sure.Chuch, you are funny. And smart! And you have a cutie pie little dog!

  2. Toto?So no Hanafords is welcome in your town?I love buffalo too by the way…BBQ or slowly roasted.

  3. No Hannaford would be welcome at ALL. The farmers here are proud to be farmers. Madison County is one of the nation’s top producers of chicken broilers. When you eat chicken anywhere at any fast food place, likely it’s from here. Madison County produced over 233Million dollars in farm gate last year, is one of the top five counties for farming in the over 160 counties here in GA, and is also a top producer of dairy. If everything was paved over, where will you get your food? It doesn’t come from a Hannaford’s.BBQ- around here it’s pork BBQ that is hugely popular.What’s the thing about toto? Don’t get it.

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