6 thoughts on “My home office

  1. Your home office looks quiet – not like the old office during election week!!! How are you feeling about being away from it after years of doing all the newspaper candidate pages (and pages) and hours of phone calls (and hours and hours)? I don’t think people ever realized how many hours and how much work it was to put those issues together. Until you came along, voter’s guides and candidate profiles weren’t done in this town. So I appreciate the fact that you did it! And glad the paper is still doing it. It was calm this year compared to last year.No pied piper leading us to the glory hallelujah land but it all goes on. There was a petition to sign asking voters to put to referendum a casino in Oxford. And another to open up the MLS listings to the public.

  2. It is quiet, and the horses and the birds provide nice background music, adding to the natural chorus around here. I love that I don’t have to do the candidate questions. It was fulfilling to provide the information to the people but it was a lot of work and stressful to get it done in time for the elections. My day yesterday was lovely- interviewing an 8 year old basketball player, a 90 year old musician, and in between a pharmacist-railroad enthusiast (he built his pharmacy to look like a depot) and a Canna Festival planner. And hanging around the polls to get the results sucked. Candidates who had called each other the worst names trying to be cordial while they waited to see who won; the clerks taking absolutely forever to tally the results; usually there was some kind of glitch at the Gray polls delaying things; all in that hot airless gym. Nah, I’ll take the horses and birds any day.Glad it was a calm election, everybody deserves that and not the hubbub and negativity of last year.A casino in Oxford? Oh my. The big deal around here was whether to allow restaurants to serve liquor. (NO).

  3. Sigh. No liquor with dinner. Is liquor any alcoholic beverage? Thought for the day: Everybody dies famous in a small town….

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