My new (to me) vehicle

I’ve gone SUV. Between all the deer crashes around here and the fact that every other person either is a stay at home mom with a huge van or a farmer with a truck, I feel safer going with the flow and getting a larger vehicle. And it was a good deal. Very good.

Ford Explorer Limited, 1993, burgundy with roof rack to fog lights and even a CD player inside. Best of all, A/C that works!! Stylin’!


6 thoughts on “My new (to me) vehicle

  1. Thanks! Another friend asked me if I was going to name it, too. The Honda I sold, a 20-year old Accord, the previous owners had named “Honey” because it was a sweet l’l thing that never let them down.I am not going to name the Ford. I named my cat. That was taxing enough.Speaking of naming…;) have you chosen names for your li’l honey?

  2. Not yet. We have some ideas but I need to get my baby name book from my brother (he and his wife are expecting in December). You’re right, choosing a name is a difficult task. If “Untitled” was acceptable coming from an English Lit major, I might lean towards that and let the kid figure it all out later. My first car was a light blue Honda Civic (Bessie), the second a white Nissan Sentra (Abby), and now Sophie (the British green Mini). It’s getting kind of embarrassing at our house, we name everything – including the new bikes we bought a few years ago. Yeah, bikes…

  3. Very nice. My Daewoo is dying a slow tortorous death. It is ill equipped for Maine winters and certainly not equipped for the rugged, wood roads I sometimes have to go on. Could use your new truck. Chuck

  4. thanks! I hope that it’s got two more years left in her. It does not escape me that after 30 years of Maine living with no 4X4 I take the first opportunity here in the south I buy my first one <>now<> !Good luck driving those icy Central Maine roads, stay safe!

  5. I think I am safe from ice for now. I did however manage to get my little car nearly half buried in mud. It was quite a mess. The road seemed to disappear beneath me. Oh well. Mud season after all 🙂Chuck

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