Now you know why I call her Abbess

I recently got DSL and now I can freelance from home. I have made a mini-office on my sleek, retro fifties formica topped dining table and around me are all the tools I need to have a nice at-home kingdom. Clockwise, books to refer to, and under them, the daily newspaper, obligatory cold water, equally obligatory remote controls for the tv and the stereo, my art journal (I plan to make an entry later) stack of mail and correspondence to take care of, and laptop complete with Post-It reminding me to call someone for an interview. The recipes are arrayed so I can look them over, a friend just gave me a bunch of down home Georgia covered dish recipes and I am checking them out.

Bursting in on the scene and making Herself eminently comfortable smack in the middle, is Abby, AKA The Abbess.


Cats rule.


4 thoughts on “Now you know why I call her Abbess

  1. I have a confession. I have a dog. It is a small dog. It is a small dog that needs to wear a sweater in the winter. It is a small dog that sits in the sunbeam in the living room. It is not a giant dog with a voice as big as all outdoors. It is a dog that can very easily run under the couch, the coffee table and the step stool. It’s only a puppy now but it is not going to get much bigger and I can carry it on my shoulder. She does think she is pretty tough when compared with my parakeets but she literally shivers when she hears a nearby Great Dane.-Chuck

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