Where I work…now

As my former fellow townsfolk struggle today with the heavy snowfall back in Gray, Maine, this photo was taken by my friend (who is so talented).

It shows the window through which I looked out on from my old office and it the scene that would be greeting me today, had I not moved a few months ago to NE Georgia. Heavy snow fell and late this afternoon a state of emergency was declared by the Governor.

This is what I look out on as I work, now, at one of my part-time jobs. As I leave work this late afternoon, this scene is what greets me. I am lucky, no?


5 thoughts on “Where I work…now

  1. As much as I love the snow and the dampened quiet that falls over the city after a particularly vigorous winter storm, the bubbling water, green scenery, and chirping birds is wonderful! I get to listen to the traffic from Hwy 14 outside my office building on a daily basis.

  2. The snowy steps lead to my old office, which overlooked an extremely busy street. The town above Gray put in a barrier toll across the turnpike, and soon the 18-wheelers figured out that they could save a bundle if they exited before the toll, sped down route 100 (which turns into Main St) and got on the turnpike again in Gray, practically in front of the office. The rumbling trucks drowned out conversation, jigged the pictured from the walls, brought down a fine layer of plaster which lay on my desk and computer. I loved the office itself and the people I was with and the location business-wise, but the noise from the trucks really got to me. I’ll take the birds and the pond fountain.

  3. Don’t forget the trucks that blocked the driveway! There’s a power point going on the local cable station that has a photo of the DOT truck parked up on the sidewalk…I’m flattered that you posted my photo!

  4. Melting away up here though. I’d say that it is already half gone. Unfortunately there are thousands still without power. Mostly in the Brunswick and Alfred areas. Chuck

  5. Gray is ‘flooding away’ today! Lots of power outages everywhere. Lots of heavy wind and rain. Needless to say, This too shall pass; and Spring really is coming!!

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