PeepsTown springs up

In a strange case, reported here for the first time, a town sprang up overnight. Last night, apparently whilst the local residents were busy with their schooling and farming and doing and then sleeping, the squat and oddly yellow residents of the County’s newest village, named “PeepsTown” moved in.

It is not known what industry the residents will undertake, nor whether they are church going folks. One rumor has it that they are Baptists, but that they baptize by fire rather than water, fearing the liquid would melt them into an undesirable goo. One can always spot the baptized Peeps due to their crusty caramel exterior and their peaceful demeanor.

They are especially active around Easter, particularly enjoying to surprise little children when they awaken Easter morning to find their little baskets. One must admit to their yellowy cuteness as they hide in happy glee under the strings of plastic grass, knowing that delightful children’s squeals will soon commence.

However, this is the first time the Peeps have banded together to form their own town. The Mayor has been called to help settle the minds and hearts of apprehensive residents as to whether this new development is an addition to the neighborhood or a threat. The Mayor has said that if the development is deemed an addition he will lobby to have the water line extended.


18 thoughts on “PeepsTown springs up

  1. Such utter discrimination in Peep Town. Sure the Yellow Peeps hold all offices but that does not give them the right to discriminate against their purple brothers! Hey HEY! Ho Ho! Inequality for Peeps has got to go!

  2. Yes, you can. “And so the Ancients tell us that long ago Giants roamed PeepsTown. Verily the ground trembled under their feet and the Pollen shook from the Trees. And one by one our brethren were gobbled by the Pollen Thundering Giants Who Were Low on Sugar. And soon PeepsTown was no more.” Until it was resurrected next April!

  3. Yes, I had heard a couple days after she resigned. I’m not surprised. She made a false start last time for the seat Matt abandoned, stepping up but withdrawing from the running when someone else put their papers in. She didn’t seem like she would last but I was hoping that her obvious love of the town and the people in it would carry her through the tough spots.

  4. Viewing last nights Council Meeting, one person has taken out papers for the 3-yr position on the Council; and two people for the School Board. By the end of April we will know who these individuals are…I can’t believe there isn’t a ‘trump card’ to be played here?

  5. When I was editor of the paper I always called at the end of each day and asked who took out papers. It’s my understanding that they fill out their name and address and sign their name in cursive, in front of the clerk. Upon exiting the building with the papers the papers are a public document at that point. I always used to report who took out papers and who has returned them, each week, until the nomination date closed, then I’d switch to reporting on the candidates.If you call the town office and ask who has left with nomination papers they should tell you. Unless the rules have changed and I’m not aware. Or unless they now claim the papers are not public until and unless they are returned filled out. But try calling, if you want to know now who is circulating them. Can’t hurt.

  6. Upon calling the Town Office, I am totally ‘blown away’ to learn that the Applicant is none other than Mark Sanborn? What is HE thinking? Having displayed his Temper on several occasions; Costing the Town a tremendous amout of money in a ‘botched job’ on the Library Roof…to name a few, how would he even think the public could support him? Anyway, could you suggest the course I need to take to validate all the ‘screw-ups’ from Mark? There must be a profile on him somewhere?

  7. If I remember correctly, Mark always takes out papers and almost never returns them. Rembmber him quitting in the middle of his term, to go back to school? Remember when he proposed a legislative ban on all cigarette sales in town? He ran recently, maybe three or four years ago, and only got around 200 votes, trailing the other candidates by quite a bit.I’m glad you called! Anyway, when the deadline passes for nomination papers to be returned is when the nominees become actual candidates.

  8. All I can say is, I would not want to be publicly represented by such a person who has time and again demonstrated that she is not interested in the public welfare nor is courteous or respectful. We can do better.

  9. We Now have Dan Maquire and Margaret Hutchins as well seeking Council Seats. Personally, I feel we can ‘Do Better’ and I’m disappointed in the choices! Any suggestions for a ‘write-in’??? Debbie Shaw Mancini…Mark Sanborn…Dan Maquire…Margaret Hutchins don’t make me comfortable as a Gray Citizen?

  10. I’m really concerned for Gray’s future if ANY of these people are elected. Their reputations precede each of them! I would like to have seen Gary Foster take another term, but other than that…what are the citizens to do? I’ve encouraged the Voters to use their ‘write-in’ option…at least it will take the votes away from these candidates. Every one of them has their own ‘personal agenda’ and could care less about the community and the citizens of Gray.

  11. Anyone qualified for the Council just won’t deal with the Bickering. I’m concerned about where these people will lead the Town of Gray? Seems to me we are definitely going ten steps Backward.

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