Never forget

Feeling melancholy for some reason. I miss my friend. I was thinking of the flag we bought together on September 11, 2001, right after the second tower was hit. I was Googling around and found out about the USS New York and then got this from Wikipedia:

Twenty-four tons of the steel used in the construction of USS New York came from the rubble of the World Trade Center, with seven tons melted down and cast to form the ship’s “stem bar” — part of the ship’s bow. The construction workers reportedly treated it with “reverence usually accorded to religious relics,” touching it as they walked by.

USS New York (LPD-21), is a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock. The ship is designed to deliver a fully-equipped battalion of 699 Marines.

Shortly after 11 September 2001, Governor of New York George E. Pataki wrote a letter to Secretary of the Navy Gordon England requesting that the Navy bestow the name USS New York on a surface warship involved in the War on Terror in honor of September 11’s victims. In his letter, the Governor said he understood state names are currently reserved for submarines, but asked for special consideration so the name could be given to a surface ship. The request was approved 28 August 2002.

The ship’s motto: “Never forget”


2 thoughts on “Never forget

  1. Absolutely! Say a prayer for my friend Andrew Green. He was on one of the flights from Boston that struck a tower. Chuck

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