new banner

sunset over the pasture


7 thoughts on “new banner

  1. This is beautiful. If you’ve upgraded or moved (whatever the proper term is) to the new Blogger, you have to copy the image differently than you used to in order for it to appear up above. Clicking the item and selecting “Copy Image Location” from the list should copy the correct image link. Then paste it into the template as you normally would and it should work.

  2. Hi Christie,Thanks! I tried it but quickly realized that the way of doing it in New Blogger was different, and with every click that I clicked, made the template worse. Then it took another hour to untangle what I’d done just to get back to looking like it had.Thanks so much for the tip! I was at my wit’s end.

  3. The same thing happened to me. When I was finally ready to toss my computer off a nearby bridge, my husband came over and figured out what was wrong. If it continues to give you troubles I’ll have him run me through the steps again and jot them down for you. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Hey Elizabeth, I don’t know if you’ve messed with this or not lately but I just learned that from the main blog page, you have to click the small banner that you uploaded to blogger as a .jpg pic to get the larger (actual) size and then right-click (or Ctrl+spacebar if you’re using a Mac) and select “Copy Image Location”. This is the link to use for the banner. For some reason, the Blogger folks changed this when they were upgrading other things.

  5. Oh, it sounds like you’re using Internet Explorer. I don’t use this but if I remember right, if you choose “properties” it will show you in that box what the actual URL is. Here’s hoping this works, eh? 🙂

  6. In my mulling it occurred to me that in order to customize the template, I had to accept the new template after having gone to new blogger. So I did and voila, it took my new baner.Now, of course, I need to figure out how to shrink the header height but this is a good start. BTW, the information you gave me Christie was perfect! Thanks.

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